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There is no time for emotions, yet I have them. But my day is here, and that is all that matters right now. Almost 100 years ago, our Earth was ravaged. Famine and unprecedented drought overtook what used to be our world. Only a few places are still inhabitable. Everything changed when they arrived.

These creatures first appeared from behind the moon.
Within minutes of their appearance, their units landed in the middle of every ocean.
Since then, every second, gigantic Collectors have been draining the lifeblood of Mother Earth — our water.
At first, we tried to communicate with them, but they are not here to talk.

These Collectors are protected by some kind of powerful force field and defended by air and submarine units.
They never leave them, and you wouldn’t even know they existed if no one told you. Meanwhile, the world kept spinning, and global water levels kept dropping.
Year after year, it got worse. As of now, our planet is in a critical state.

My Mum and Dad gave me to the Program when I was just a kid, in exchange for guaranteed food supplies for our whole family.
Leaving them hurt at first, but now I would rather die on a mission than be on the streets waiting to starve. I feel good knowing I am here for a reason.
They feed us well and train us every day to be as prepared as possible.

Over time, we managed to take out a few of their units, but it did not make a difference. We now have a new plan—it might not work, but it’s all we’ve got.
Every two years, the Collectors return behind the moon to their portal. The full ones go through, and new empty units arrive. The cycle has been consistent and unbroken.
Over the last few years, we have successfully gathered intel from the other side by attaching spy tech to the Collectors.
Even though we lose control and visual after they go through the portal, they survive long enough to return with the next arrivals after a few years.
We now have some idea of what could be done. Will it work? No one knows.

On the other side, Power Generators enable the portal.
The attack will take place a day before they depart for delivery. Our plan is to attack multiple Collector units with everything we’ve got, create as much chaos as possible, and through the mayhem, hitch our soldiers onto the Collectors.

Instead of destroying them, we want to give them a good fight, making them think they repelled the attack.
Then they will advance for the delivery, go through the portal, and carry our infiltrators with them. As soon as we go through, we will use our jetpacks to detach and attack the Power Generators.
It is a one-way ticket, but the people who signed up know what they are getting into.

Our day is here.